Court bookings (and more)

* Save time

* Retain members

* Play more sport and do less admin!

If your club or club coach needs an online court booking and/or online coaching programme and/or online membership management system can help. Ours is an online court booking, coaching programme and membership management system that will suit clubs with memberships ranging from 70 to 700, and clubs with as few as two courts and as many as 20 (all with different restrictions and booking constraints). We can help your club administer court bookings for members only, and for courts that can be used by the general public.

  • We can help you take court fees,
  • restrict who can book at different times and on which courts,
  • and generally make your court booking more responsive to the club's needs than any paper system
  • We can also help you manage your fixtures, and manage your teams.
  • We can help you set up and run acoaching programme,
  • create a register of who signs up for coaching,
  • and who needs to pay (or who has paid).
  • We can help you run in-house club tournaments on league, ladder and knockout formats, singles and doubles
  • And we can also provide you with online member management facilities that take the strain out of running your club/coaching programme and staying in touch with members.

    We can also give you options for
  • taking subscriptions,
  • court payments and coaching payments online, by Paypal or credit card, (WITHOUT taking a cut of the fee)
  • smart card systems for access and payments at the club bar etc
  • maintaining an accurate database of current members.
    No more scrappy bits of paper with hand-written notes. No more instances of your treasurer taking someone's subs, and forgetting who paid.
    The online court bookings packages you can learn about on this site can cope with lots of variation in your weekly calendar, and give you unlimited options for adding one-off events and changing your weekly programme. We can restrict bookings to certain classes of member, and give priorities to some and not others. With the combined online package of court booking and member management, you'll be amazed at the flexibility and control you can achieve of your courts and your membership. We even have a system that will help you manage your teams, and to issue texts or emails to players to alert them about date changes, postponements and other vital information.

    The best way to find out how we can help with online court bookings, coaching programmes and membership management is to speak to us by calling 01635 41547 for a no-obligation consultation. If you prefer that we call you, complete the form to request a call. Or if you just want to have a play at booking a court, then you are welcome to start clicking! You'll soon see how easy it can be to give your own members an online court booking system that will work at your club. To learn a little more about what the basic court booking package will provide, how to set up a coaching programme and how both will be enhanced by the addition of a basic membership management system you can follow the links from this page or the menu bar on the left.

    By utilising both systems, you can really save time on administration of court/coaching session bookings and many other aspects of running your club or coaching programme.


  • Testimonials

    The system is as near perfect as we will ever get it. We are all very pleased with it and the way you help us so reliably. Thanks again, we are very impressed with everything! We definitely chose the correct system!
    Penzance Tennis Club

    We are an outdoor park site and have just renovated our courts. An online court booking system was needed. I was initially very impressed by how cheap the system was to set up and also maintain.
    ..... incredibly helpful, always responded instantly and made sure that everything was working properly. .....
    I was slightly dubious that at such a low price, if the system would do its job properly, but am delighted to say that so far I have had no problems. The system integrates with our website well and I would definitely recommend it to other coaches and clubs.
    Philip BESTtennis

    We've been really pleased with the court booking system; easy to set up and maintain. Graeme has been a fabulous help whenever I've needed support.
    Shalbourne Tennis Club