Coaching programme

Our coaching system allows the coach to set up a varied programme of activity, take bookings online (and payments too if desired). It helps the coach manage his programme and gives members an easy way to see what is being offered, either by looking at the daily calendar or by searching for the type of coaching they are looking for. Coaches can

  • Set up and manage the coaching programme

  • Record accurate details on line of who signs up

  • Log payments for coaching sessions

  • Chase non-payers more easily

  • Create better visibility of the coaching programme

  • Open courses to non members as well as members

  • Create reports to establish which sessions are working best at the club

  • Create and apply discount vouchers

  • Take payments by paypal (we do not take a cut)

  • Members can

  • Sign up to coaching online

  • Pay for coaching via paypal or cards

  • Search for courses that suit their requirements

  • The coaching package is available as an add-on to the membership management gold package at a cost of £ 10 p.a., or as an add-on to the courtbooking packages at a cost of £ 50 p.a.

    Please call me on 01635 41547 to discuss.

    There are many advantages in upgrading the basic package to incorporate features of membership management.