Membership management system

The membership management functionality part of this website can be used as a stand-alone feature to help you administer and retain your club membership, and maintain good contact with members. It should save hours of time for your membership secretary and other committee members. (see below)

It's also fair to say that you won't get the best out of your court booking system until you add in membership management. That way, you will really be able to manage your bookings, and prevent abuse of the system. But you will get so much more too. For example, you might want to

  • Restrict individual members to specified booking times

  • Control how often each member makes a court booking

  • Allow members to securely review and manage their own court bookings (and no-one else's), without having to get the administrator involved

  • Send personalised emails to confirm a booking, and to advise of any changes your administrator makes

  • Prevent opponents from booking consecutive sessions and thereby hogging courts

  • Give priority bookings to certain members

  • Alter booking conditions according to how courts are used (e.g. one hour for singles, 1.5 hours for doubles, 2 hours for club competitions)

  • Take payments for court fees and coaching fees

  • These are a few features that will help the court booking system to run more effiiciently, and will give you greater control on how your courts are used. However, if you also want to cut the time your committee spends on general admin, then you should look at using ALL THE BENEFITS of a membership management package.

    For example, you might want to

  • Manage membership and renewals much more easily

  • Be able to send personalised emails to every member, or just the ones you choose

  • Manage the ballot for Wimbledon tickets

  • Add value to membership by creating online content for members only

  • Avoid problems from different club officers accessing different sets of data held on scrappy bits of paper

  • Save hours of admin time - especially when subs are due for renewal

  • Give members an easy way to approach other players of similar standard

  • Allow members to pay their subs online, whilst still accepting cheques, direct debits, bank transfers and cash

  • You can learn more about what is available in each package on this site, or call me on 01635 41547 to discuss in more detail.