Tennis court booking system, (including squash, badminton and other sports)

We want to provide your tennis club with a tennis court booking system that truly meets your needs. That is why we provide 7 levels of entry so that every tennis club from the smallest to the largest can adapt our system to give their members exactly what they want. We believe we have the most flexible tennis court booking system on the market. Even our entry level tennis court booking system is designed to be as flexible as possible. It will allow you to

  • Set the number of tennis courts for your club

  • Break the courts into blocks of time that can be booked by members (and non-members if you wish)

  • Decide when the first court booking of the day can be taken

  • Decide when the last court booking of the day can be taken

  • Set different court booking patterns for different courts

  • Set different court booking patterns for different days of the week

  • With a modestly priced upgrade, you can do even more

  • Set your regular daily calendar and block off periods for regular club use (e.g. for tennis matches or tennis coaching)

  • Set a different calendar according to criteria you specify (e.g. during the season when league matches are being played/not played, when floodlights are available/not available)

  • Give administrators priority access to the system to book courts for special events ahead of your members (e.g. for one-off tournaments or open days)

  • Enforce limited restrictions (e.g. no more than three half hour slots to be booked at one time)

  • Monitor and report on who is booking which courts and when

  • Receive email alerts whenever a court booking is made

  • Over-ride any court booking made by your members

  • Set the number of days in advance that court bookings can be made

  • For more complicated situations you can upgrade your court booking package. Please call me on 01635 41547 to discuss.

    For example, you might want to
  • Allow members to delete or edit their own bookings (and no-one else's)

  • Allow non-members to book certain courts, but not others

  • Treat adults and juniors differently

  • Give certain members priority to book certain periods

  • Restrict the number of court bookings any member can make

  • * Require members to set playing partners (i.e. to prevent Jim and Fred booking consecutive periods then playing against each other)

  • Give members the option to find alternative opponents for their regular session

  • There are many advantages in upgrading the court booking packages to allow the set up of a coaching programme and/or to incorporate features of membership management.